The 2016 April Fools Day ‘Jokes’ That Fooled At Least One Person You Know

The 2016 April Fools Day ‘Jokes’ That Fooled At Least One Person You Know

It’s 1 April, and that means one of your Facebook friends changed their profile picture to an ultrasound image, or relationship status to “it’s complicated” today. It also means Marketing and PR departments had the best day ever, cooking up all sorts of ideas to trick us. Here’s some of the best (and worst) from all over the internet.


Sony Proton Pack

Sony announced today that it has successfully perfected the Proton Pack (#protonpack), a product designed to capture content from a parallel dimension. “Equipped with a state-of-the-art, miniaturised superconducting synchrotron, which accelerates injected protons from a hydrogen plasma cell” the Proton Pack is water and slime-proof.

Houzz Smartz AI Enabled Furnishings

Since Houzz Smartz products are interactive, when you spend time with your furniture and accessories it’s like being with friends!

Cute On Call

It’s, er…ugly babies for hire for PR Agency Access. “Not-so-pretty babies are quite funny and, used properly, can attract a lot of attention. We call them ‘quirky bubs’ to avoid offending any overly sensitive parents,” said CEO Andrea Kerekes.


Zoosk launched the next revolution in online dating today — Burrit-OH!, the app that matches singles based on their burrito compatibility.

The Force Caster

It’s a wand. By attaching a NanoBotTM (tiny attachable ‘pod’) to any object the user can wield The Force Caster wand to push or pull any object (Revealed: Tas govt cut Basslink in NBN protest

“The Tasmanian government has made the explosive revelation that it severed the Basslink subsea cable as part of a secret plan to secede from Australia and join New Zealand in order to access its national full-fibre network,” reported IT News, and we finally cracked a smile.

Krispy Kreme 3Doughnut Printer

With an RRP of $8,990, the Krispy Kreme 3Doughnut Printer is definitely a big ticket item for early adopters and ultimate fans of the humble doughnut.

Would buy/10.

Dollarydoos Get The Go-Ahead

“Yesterday I received a call from a representative of the Royal Australian Mint informing me that there will be a print happening in September of a new $5 banknote, in this print will be some limited edition ‘Dollarydoo’ notes,” revealed petition creator Thomas Probst.

eHarmony For Animals

eHarmony don’t allow same sex couples, but today they allowed animals.

Localisation For League of Legends

“Coming in the next patch cycle is the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack!”” announced LOL. “What this means it that the names of champions and items in the game will be changing to something more appropriate for Oceania.”

“The reason for the change is that we have heard your feedback that Garen, for example, would be better off being known as Gazza.”

Lexus Reveals VLCRO Technology

“The new seat requires the driver to wear a specially designed suit, which, through a complex pattern of hooks and loops, creates high levels of grip at any angle.”

Google Search For Your Socks

“These new bluetooth-enabled socks are fitted with thin LTE beacons that wrap around the top of your lower calf, just like the coloured stripes you’d see on traditional socks,” Google revealed.

“If you can’t find one sock, you can press the beacon on its pair and let the Google Search app on your phone pinpoint its whereabouts. The missing sock will then sing this song to help you find it.”

Coles Hover Trolleys

In case you want your groceries to catch fire.

Tasmanian Police Sniffer Pigs

Freaking adorable.

Did you see any good ones? Tell us in the comments!