So Who Won The First Round Of Tech21’s Free Phone & Shockproof Case Competition?

So Who Won The First Round Of Tech21’s Free Phone & Shockproof Case Competition?

Last week, we asked you to tell us your best #lifehappens moment to go in the running to win a Tech21 Evo Xplorer case valued at $139.95, a $1250 smartphone, and a $250 Red Balloon voucher.

The best five submissions would go through to the final round, receiving an “Ultimate Phone Protection” test kit, including a an Evo Xplorer phone case, dummy phone and materials for five different challenges.

Those going through to the final round are:


Watching skateboarding YouTube clips with my 3yr old son on our new iPad mini, he is very excited-I leave the room to take a call- come back in to him standing on the iPad sliding across our tile floors saying look dad! Needless to say the screen cracked. Guess I have a extreme sportsman on my hands…. #lifehappens


I am a Roof Tiler. I need a good case in my trade, and I had put my phone in an Otterbox. They seemed pretty tough, but apparently they aren’t designed to stop a screen from smashing when falling off the roof (it fell out of the clip that comes with the case) I was furious, as I had a Lumia 920 and it cost an absurd $320 to replace the screen, but #lifehappens. 
Would love this case, as waterproof would help me a lot also.


The most frantic couple of hours in my adult life. Waiting for a call back(to the job I have now) for a week. Decided to head into the city to get a few things and my phone rang and as I pulled it out I drop it. Smashed screen but noticed the number called me – it was my future boss. 
Because the screen is broken to a certain extent, I couldn’t swipe to answer the call. (They called twice) me frantically yelling at my phone in a busy shopping center. 
Because I was 40 minutes from home to swap over to my old phone, I got in the car, sped all the way home and spent almost and hour trying to find the old phone. Put the sim card in but no power. Now the searching begins again, found one turned it on called them back, and was told the job was mine. 
If only I had a case on it, it would have saved me almost 3 hours to just return a phone call.


My wife was waiting to turn right and has moved into the intersection when the woman in the car behind ran up the back of her car. The woman apologised profusely but insisted there was no reason to exchange details and besides it was her son’s car and she was going back to England in several days. My wife used her phone to photograph the damage to both cars and being rattled at the prang and this ladies refusal to provide details, left her phone on her car’s roof. Anyway her phone slid off the roof and was smashed. 
The Police had to be involved by our insurer due to the woman’s son also refusing to provide his mums’s details, (the insurer need the driver’s details) so my wife has both a $600 excess to pay and now needs a new phone too.  
#lifehappens and arsehole behaviour runs in families.


I was very proud of my first smartphone – it was the first Android phone, an HTC Dream. I carried it around with me everywhere, even carrying it in a bum-bag while riding around as a postie. Unfortunately one day I’d hopped off the bike and gone into the local public loo and was taking off my bumbag before pulling down my pants…. And it turns out that I hadn’t done up the bumbag properly. Naturally, my poor little dream ended up going straight into the bowl. Thankfully, I had insurance on it! Unfortunately, they didn’t have that phone in stock any more and they sent me a vastly inferior Nokia N9, which I sold to buy a better phone. #Lifehappens I guess.

Congratulations to our five winners! We’ll get in touch through email to organise your prizes.

We’ll mail out the kits and you’ll have until the 24th April to capture your #lifehappens moment with the Evo Xplorer in a video or photo. We’ll pick the winner based on its creativity and fun factor. Terms and conditions can be found here.

The winner of our final tech21 #lifehappens challenge will be announced on 29th April and will take home a new smartphone (of their choosing to the value of $1250), as well as the tech21 Evo Xplorer case and a $250 Red Balloon voucher.