Queensland University Installs Free Solar-Powered Electric Car Chargers

The University of Queensland has installed fast-charging electric vehicle stations at each of its campuses, and each is powered by the university's own solar array installations — making charging both free and emissions-free when the sun is shining. Alongside Tesla's destination chargers, the Veefil DC fast chargers are the start of a larger electric car fast-charging network in the state and are the first to be directly powered by renewables.

Each of the St Lucia and Gatton campuses has one Veefil DC fast charger built by Brisbane company Tritium. The chargers will be able to replenish around 70 kilometres' range on compatible electric cars within 15 minutes, around 10 times faster than the regular 10-amp 240-volt wall outlets installed for most EVs.

Students, staff and the general public will have access to the chargers, which can split charging power between two vehicles simultaneously if needed. Alongside each charger is a Tesla destination charger, necessary because of the different plug used by the company's Model S and Roadster.

The chargers themselves have been proven overseas, with Tritium already installing hundreds around North America and Europe. Importantly, the Gatton point of the network will allow for EV travel between Brisbane and Toowoomba by shorter-distance electric cars, like BMW's i3 and the Nissan Leaf.

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