Labor Minister Favours Fibre To The Distribution Point For NBN

Labor Minister Favours Fibre To The Distribution Point For NBN

With a Fibre To The Distribution Point (FTTdp) NBN model, fibre is run to the street lead-in pit at the front of the building, where it joins up with an existing copper lead-in of around 30 metres. It avoids the need to dig up your front yard, promises high speeds via VDSL2, has the ability to be upgraded to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), boasts a network capability almost up there with full FTTP and yet — due to the use of existing copper lead-ins — costs less. Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare recently sung the praises of FTTdp, leading to questions about a potential change in NBN policy from FTTP for the Labor party’s election campaign.

Image: Daniel Munoz/Getty Images

“Fibre to the driveway provides download speeds that are up to 10 times faster than Malcolm Turnbull’s fibre to the node network,” Clare told the CommsDay Summit in Sydney, according to iTnews. “Given this, if NBN Co can roll out fibre almost to your front door for almost the same cost as fibre to the node and give you much higher speeds — why aren’t they doing it?”

Clare’s speech, says iTnews, is an indication that Labor intends to run a FTTdp model as part of its election campaign promises, running against the Liberal Party government’s continued roll-out of its multi-technology mix NBN with a strong preference for fibre to the node and existing hybrid fibre-coaxial networks.

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