Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Is Getting A Beautiful New Board Game

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Is Getting A Beautiful New Board Game

A Labyrinth board game? In 2016? If not for the tragic passing of David Bowie this year, we’d probably be asking these questions more seriously. Now, it seems like a beautiful — and interactive — tribute to the man / cultural phenomenon.

Technically, a Labyrinth board game already exists. In fact, it was released the same year as the movie and won the Deutscher Spiele Preis, an accolade it shares with the likes of Dominion, Agricola and Ticket To Ride.

So the new game, which is being developed by River Horse, has a lot to live up to. It is in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company, so it’ll have the official seal of approval.

According to Geek x Girls, it looks like it’ll have a nice blend of solid mechanics, well-made figurines and art. River Horse says the game will consist of “two distinct stages”:

…one where the group must adventure through the labyrinth trying to find the goblin city whilst keeping their willpower as high as possible (nobody wants to fall into the oubliette!), and a second action packed stage where the players must fight their way into Jareth’s castle where Sarah must say the magical words that will release her brother.

Oh yes, the art. Just check out the board:

And of course, the Goblin King himself:

A US summer (winter here) release is planned, though there’s no word on local availability.

[River Horse, via Geek x Girls]