I Just Want To Smear This MAC Star Trek Makeup All Over My Face Right Now

I Just Want To Smear This MAC Star Trek Makeup All Over My Face Right Now

In one of the better ways of marking Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary, MAC Cosmetics is coming out with a whole line of makeup inspired by the show. Yes please, give me all of it. I’m going to wear it all on my face at once and scare small children and large dogs.

This isn’t one of MAC’s usual small, seasonal collections, either. MAC Star Trek is going to be a 25-piece line that will hit stores in September, just in time for the franchise’s 50th anniversary. From the promo image above, you can also see that they’re claiming inspiration from Uhura (TOS), Vina the Orion (TOS), Seven of Nine (Voyager), and Deanna Troi (The Next Generation). Seems a little harsh to leave out a representative from Enterprise, and downright rude to leave out Kira Nerys and Dax from Deep Space Nine. I get that the green alien woman has become a famous scifi thing, but still. We can only hope that these four are just the start.

We’ve also got a look at a fifth of the collection already:

I especially love the metallic green.

While regular people will have to wait until September to start buying these, a few lucky souls who brave the San Diego Gaslamp MAC store during San Diego Comic Con on Thursday, July 21, will have the chance to buy it early. Even as someone who loves MAC and Star Trek a freakish amount, that does not sound fun. I think I’ll wait until September. But I won’t be happy about the wait.