HTC 10: Australian Price And Release Date

HTC 10: Australian Price And Release Date

After a couple of weeks of teasing and early hands-on testing, we finally know when you’ll be able to get your hands on the new HTC 10. HTC’s newest and best smartphone will cost just as much as its competitors from LG and Samsung, and it’ll be out at the same time as the LG G5.

The HTC 10 — in all its metal-bodied, UltraPixel camera, USB Type-C glory — will be out in Australia on May 3. It’ll be carried by all of Australia’s major telcos, as well as outright at retail through both JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman. Buying outright will cost you $1099, the same price as the LG G5 and $50 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Telstra will sell the HTC 10 on “a range of Go Mobile plans”, although the plan the telco recommends is the $95 per month Go Mobile plan, which has only $2 of monthly mobile repayment and includes 6GB of data. To sign up for news on Telstra’s HTC 10 release plans, you can submit an expression of interest on the Telstra website.

Optus will give you the HTC 10 on any of its 24-month postpaid plans, and the plan that Optus recommends is $80 per month, with $7 of monthly handset repayments — that includes 6GB of data. You can already pre-order the HTC 10 through Optus for a May 3 delivery on the telco’s website.

Vodafone will sell you an HTC 10 on all its different 24-month plans, although the telco recommends a $70 per month plan with $10 extra for mobile repayments with a generous 7GB of data. You’re already able to put your money down for an HTC 10 through Vodafone, and pick your plan, on the Vodafone website.

Virgin Mobile has eight different plans for the HTC 10, with the hero being a $70 per month investment with an additional $7 per month payment for the HTC 10 itself, and a standard 6GB data pool. Virgin already has the HTC 10 up for pre-order on its website.