Here's The Final Round Of Our Tech21 Phone & Shockproof Case Competition

It's time for the final round of our competition with Tech21, where we've partnered with the world's leading phone protective case maker to give away a brand new phone to Gizmodo readers, and a protective case to keep it safe.

The winners of the first round — those who submitted the best #lifehappens stories — have already received an “Ultimate Phone Protection” test kit. This included an Evo Xplorer phone case, dummy phone and materials for five different challenges. So what did everyone come up with?

tech21’s Evo Xplorer case gives you maximum protection for your iPhone 6/6s, and it comes in handy for all those moments when life happens. Completely waterproof up to 3 metres (9.9 feet) for up to an hour and featuring tech21’s FlexShock impact protection technology, the Evo Xplorer for Apple’s iPhone 6/6s is also dustproof, sandproof, snowproof and shockproof.

The final challenge was to capture the ultimate #lifehappens moment with the Evo Xplorer in a video or photo. The winner — who will be announced on Friday, will receive a Tech21 Evo Xplorer case valued at $139.95, a $1250 smartphone, and a $250 Red Balloon voucher.

Here are the submissions:

David Ramble

David Ramble decided to put his phone case to an all too familiar test — an unexpected drop into a container of water. A real world scenario that not only threatens the screen, but all those exposed ports too. Unless you have a waterproof case that is.


Moylans took his video production to another level, testing the impact of a spot of ocean on his phone. Water, salt and sand aren't normally best frinds with finely-tuned electronics.


Geks decided to put his Evo Xplorer to a number of drop and stress tests. In his original submission Gek's talked of his three year old son surfing on an iPad. Thankfully his phone is now son-proof.

Daniel McElligott

Daniel was the only one who chose to go down a purely pictoral route. Staging photos not only with a beautiful dog — often the bane of phones — but with his phone set inside some lovely jelly. Neither #lifehappens moments were good enough to kill a well-protected phone.

Tech21 is going to announce the winner this Friday, but please feel free to pick your favourite and let us know in the comments below!

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