Here Are Aldi's Mobile Plan Changes For Its Upcoming 4G Upgrade

Here we are, thinking about 5G when there are still 3G-only plans out there. Such is the case currently for Aldi, which resells Telstra's 3G — though not for much longer. Come 28 April, all customers will have their service 4G-enabled, with new plans to boot.

Aldi has a dedicated page set up explaining the changes to its Value Pack plans, which will come into effect later this month.

Daniel Tyson over at Ausdroid has whipped up a side-by-side comparison of old and new, though Aldi has supplied a bullet point version:

  • S and M Value packs will come with increased included value and data
  • S and M Value Packs will have unlimited SMS and MMS
  • XL and XXL Value Packs are getting increased international minutes
  • L, XL and XXL Value pack now have unlimited standard natioonal calls, SMS and MMS included
  • No more weekend data, instead you can use your data when you like
  • Now only 1 Data Add-on option for all packs, add 1GB at anytime for $10 (up to 5 can be added per Value Pack)

As Tyson notes, the biggest change is the pricing for data add-ons — previous you could bulk-buy for a discount, whereas with the new plans only $10, 1GB increments are offered. Otherwise, there's nothing super exciting — except for the massive speed boost, of course.

[Aldi, via Ausdroid]

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