Friday’s Biggest Stories

Friday’s Biggest Stories

Every evening, we wrap up the day’s biggest stories in one place for you to easily check out. If you’ve been off the grid all day, jump in here and catch up on current events.

A Sydney School Is Fighting Google To Have A Giant Penis Removed
For as long as there has been graffiti, the hastily scribbled (or lovingly detailed) penis has taken pride of place.

How To Watch Tonight’s Lyrid Meteor Shower In Australia
For the rest of the year Australia has roughly one meteor shower per month to look forward to, and the next one is coming up tonight — the Lyrids.

Sony’s New 4K HDR Bravia TVs Will Be Out In Australia Very Soon
After LG’s new OLEDs in March, Sony is the second big TV brand with new models out the door for 2016.

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