Foxtel Will Let You Stream Game Of Thrones For $30 A Month

Foxtel Will Let You Stream Game Of Thrones For $30 A Month

Season five of Game of Thrones saw nearly 900,000 average viewers, and come 25 April Game of Thrones fans will be scrambling for the best way to get a hold of the first episode of season six. Foxtel Play are luring viewers away from the, er, less “legal” avenues with a subscription deal that offers the premiere episode at the same time as the US.

For customers who sign up to Foxtel Play between 18 April and 29 April, you will be able add “Premium Movies and Drama” (with access to Showcase and HBO) to your first $25 a month “genre pick” for $5 extra a month, for the first three months.

Image: HBO

So that’s $30 a month for the first three months. Okay. What else do you get? Access to Game of Thrones seasons one through to five on via Foxtel’s on demand service “Anytime” and the Throne Cast that airs every Tuesday at 10:30pm starting April 26, recapping each week’s latest episode.

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You’ll also have access to a bunch of other shows you may or may not care about: Veep (season five), Orange is the New Black (season four), Penny Dreadful (season three), Hap and Leonard (season one), Turn: Washington’s Spies (season three) and new comedy, Casual.

Foxtel’s “BoxSets” channel is included too, featuring “hundreds of hours of drama, along with a massive volume of blockbuster and library movies”. .

“Game of Thrones continues to be a world-wide sensation that marks a major high point in Foxtel’s premium drama offering,” Foxtel said in a statement. “Today’s news regarding Foxtel Play’s special pricing will make it easier than ever for more people to enjoy this popular series.”

Foxtel Play promises customers “instant access to great entertainment within minutes of signing up” and has a by-the-month pay-as-you-go subscription model. There’s no lock-in contract and no installation costs.