Dyson’s New Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum Can’t Fall Over

Dyson’s New Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum Can’t Fall Over

Dyson has a new vacuum, and it’s the British company’s most advanced yet — but in ways that you might not expect. The new Cinetic Big Ball won’t lose suction or clog up with dust or hair thanks to its incredibly well engineered Cinetic oscillating tips, but a vacuum isn’t exactly useful if you can’t move it around with you. The new Big Ball is smaller, cheaper and sleeker than the old model, and always cleans the dust bin out on the first go, but anyone that’s dragged a big vacuum around a house behind them will love this bit: it just can’t tip over.

The new Cinetic Big Ball, which has just launched and is already available on Dyson’s website for $699, has been radically redesigned to bring the dust barrel much closer to the ball, and has moved the vacuum’s electric motor much lower in the chassis — like a sports car, the vacuum’s centre of gravity is just about as low as possible. Combined with the massive wheel on each side of the Big Ball, you can push or kick the vacuum at any angle, and it’ll quickly right itself and keep rolling. (Trust us — we tried.)

This small improvement is significant because it means that the vacuum won’t ever flip over, and that means it can pick up more dust and debris in its (33 per cent larger) bin before needing to be emptied. Like other Cinetic vacuums, the new Cinetic Big Ball never loses suction, and doesn’t need any internal filter replaced — its HEPA-rated glass-packed filter is tested to work over the entire expected life of the vacuum. When you do empty the bin, a silicone drags any accumulated debris off the metal shroud.

Everything else about the Cinetic Big Ball is a further refinement over the previous model. The vacuum wand’s handle now articulates in three directions — and so shouldn’t get in your way or impede your movement — and is longer than old models, extending to a full 1.25m in length. The wand itself has a redesigned quick-release connector, and a whole new range of floor tools also use the simpler quick-release catch. (Dyson has an adapter if you want to use your old tools, too.)

Starting at $699, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is already on sale on Dyson’s website, and will be out in big-box retail stores from the end of April. [Dyson]