DJI's Osmo Video Camera Gets Hardcore With A New Micro Four-Thirds Sensor And SSD Grip

DJI's Osmo camera is already an incredibly stable handheld video camera rig. It's a great choice for anyone looking to film constantly-moving, dynamic video. But DJI decided to get really into it, with a new option called the Osmo RAW using the company's video-friendly Micro Four-Thirds sensor, with a huge 512GB solid-state drive for recording, as well as a new vertical stabiliser for even more shake reduction called the Z-Axis.

The Osmo RAW uses DJI's ZenMuse X5R sensor-and-lens-mount combo, and will attach to the regular Osmo handle with an adapter that also accomodates a 512GB solid-state drive for storing the X5R's incredibly detailed lossless 4K video. The Osmo's three-axis gimbal motors will keep the RAW steady and calm during filming, and will do the same for the step-down, ZenMuse X5-toting Osmo Pro. We don't know prices for either at the moment, but we'll let you know as soon as we do.

Existing Osmo owners are well catered for with the addition of a new $US129 adapter called the Z-Axis, which gives a fourth layer of motion dampening along the vertical axis and lets the digital device emulate much larger and more expensive Steadicam rigs. The Z-Axis will still allow vertical angle adjustment, but has a shock absorber to cut out any unwanted motion — that itself can be adjusted to set a different cut-off.

There's also a brand new battery on the way for new and existing Osmo devices. The larger-capacity cell will last around 50 per cent longer, with 96 minutes' 4K recording time versus the original's 66 minutes. Start filming with the Osmo RAW's massively detailed lossless 4K RAW mode, though, and you'll get at best 37 minutes of filming on a single battery charge. [DJI]

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