An ISP Forwarded Its Users' Sent Email To A Single Inbox

An ISP Forwarded Its Users' Sent Email to a Single Inbox

Forget Inbox Zero. On Tuesday, the British telecomm company BT managed to forward outgoing email from its customers' accounts to a single email address. The Register reports that many users noticed on Tuesday afternoon that their emails were being returned, with an error messages explaining that they couldn't be delivered to the email address [email protected] None of them, however, had sent email to Steve Webb the Second.

Instead, BT has explained that it was a result of testing that seems to have gone wrong — though it hasn't provided any details about what, exactly, screwed up. BT has pointed out that the email address in question is an internal account that it sometimes uses for testing.

The Register does, however, note that there is a Steve Webb who works on backend email servers for BT. So he might not be having a very productive day today.

[The Register]

Image by Jason Rogers

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