An Impeccable Cover Of The Futurama Theme On Damn Near Every Instrument

An Impeccable Cover of the Futurama Theme on Damn Near Every Instrument

The two rules of amateur music production: 1) Anything can be recorded reasonably well with an SM57. 2) You can never own too many instruments.

SquidPhysics proved both those rules (that I absolutely just made up) with his astounding cover of the Futurama theme. He lays down parts for the song on drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, trumpet, cowbell, bongos, shakers, and a variety of synth sounds. It's damn close to — and in some way, better than — the original.

Although the theme was inspired by a French psychedelic rock song, parts of this cover also have a serious Cake vibe to them. Good luck not listening to Comfort Eagle today.

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