All The News You Missed Overnight: Twitter’s New Direct Message Button

All The News You Missed Overnight: Twitter’s New Direct Message Button

Good morning! It’s a busy world out there. All The News You Missed Overnight gives you a guide to everything techy that happened while you were sleeping.

Twitter Update: This Is What The New Message Button On Tweets Does

We’ve been able to share tweets via private message since November 2014, but now it’s a whole lot easier to do. The option to send a tweet as a message from the tweet itself, as opposed to selecting the option from a pop up menu, has been implemented from today.

“Every day, millions of people send Direct Messages to communicate privately with friends, family, experts, brands, and anyone else they find interesting on Twitter,” Twitter said in a statement about the new feature. “In fact, we’ve seen the number of messages sent grow over 60 per cent in 2015. And the number of Tweets shared privately has grown even faster, at 200 per cent in just the second half of last year.”

Users of the platform have also been vocal about wanting to make this easier to do, according to Twitter, so something has been done about it. “In just a few taps,” Twitter says “you can share unique Twitter content from your timeline right into your private conversation”.

Self-Driving F1 Racecar Robots Are Coming In 2016

During its GTC 2016 keynote address, Nvidia unveiled a new Formula E event dubbed Roborace. As its name implies, this new racing class will feature fully autonomous cars powered by Drive PX 2 supercomputers. If that’s not crazy enough, the first race is expected to kick off this season. Blimey.

The FIA Formula E Championship is a class of auto racing that uses only electric-powered cars. Now it’s throwing robots into the mix. Roborace (we’d work on that name, fellas) will see 10 teams compete with 20 driverless full-size cars powered by Drive PX 2. For the uninitiated, this is Nvidia’s new self-driving platform that packs in 12 CPU cores and four Pascal GPUs for eight teraflops of computing power.

Explains Nvidia: “The supercomputer-in-a-box is vital to deep learning and trains artificial intelligence to adapts to different driving conditions, including asphalt, rain and dirt.”

Nvidia GTC 2016 Keynote Live Blog: Follow All The News As It Happened

Attention graphics card fanatics: at approximately 2AM AEST, Nvidia will be kicking off its keynote address for GTC 2016 — one of the premiere events for GPU developers. This year, the focus is on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and self driving cars along with some big hardware announcements that we’re not allowed to talk about (yet). Once again, Gizmodo will be blogging from the event live. Get your cat naps in and we’ll see you at 2am sharp!

The 2016 GTC keynote begins at 9am PDT, which works out to 2am Sydney time (AEST). Keep updating this page for all the biggest announcements!

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