Woolworths Mobile, Aldi Get 4G On Telstra's Network From Today

Telstra has finally opened up its higher-speed 4G mobile network for its MVNO partners Aldi Mobile, Woolworths, Telechoice and Better Life, and that means those telcos' customers can now enjoy faster download speeds and even wider network coverage -- but there's a catch.

iTnews reports that Australia's number one telco has started wholesaling 4G data services to its MVNO partners as of today, beating its own estimates of a June switch-on date.

The 4G service that you'll get on Woolworths Mobile or Aldi Mobile, though, isn't quite as high quality as what you'll get on Telstra, though -- speeds are capped to 100Mbps maximum download for MVNOs while Telstra enjoys (theoretical) 4G transfer speeds of 1000Mbps or more.

Similarly, Telstra's Voice over LTE (otherwise known as 4G voice) service, which has significantly higher voice bit-rates and higher qualiy voice calls than 3G or 2G connections, won't be made available to partner telcos.

It's not much of a catch, to be honest, but it's the kind of thing that would make a discerning buyer choose Telstra's first-party service over cheaper competitors. [iTnews]



    So this will be the next Kogan story again? It is better to say with Telstra. Telstra OWNS AUSTRALIA!!

    oversubscribed contended crap is what it'll end up being. Get 10 GB for $50 but share that with 1,000 other users.

    Imagine the contention ratios. VHA already do this with their network, they run various products with their corporate users enjoying QoS that priorities their connectivity over the poor bastards who buy through VHA's prepaid/reseller product

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