A Ton Of New Details About The Ghostbusters Reboot

A Ton Of New Details About The Ghostbusters Reboot

The team behind Deadpool 2 talk about Cable’s role in the film. Joe Russo teases Stan Lee’s cameo in Civil War. Gotham teases the return of Fish Mooney. Plus, a new clip from X-Men Apocalypse, a ton of new Civil War stills and new details on Lego’s next Star Wars series. To me, my spoilers!


A series of set reports conducted last September have finally hit the web, giving new details about the film. First up, Kristen Wiig tells ET about Erin’s relationship with Abby Yates (played by Melissa McCarthy):

Wiig: My character and Melissa’s character, Abby, were friends when we were in high school. We both believed in ghosts, wrote a book, then went our own separate ways. I went into the sort of education-science world, and left that behind.

McCarthy: I stayed a believer, I don’t care if people make fun of me. I believe in the paranormal, and she’s ditched me to go into less confrontational waters… I’m the one that’s always believed and has worked on it my whole life.

Meanwhile Paul Feig talks about why the film had to be a fresh start for the series:

I didn’t personally like the idea of going ’25 years ago’ and also I didn’t want them to be handed technology. I think it’s so fun that they’re scientists — they’re all different branches of science — who really built this from the ground up.


McCarthy briefly teases the intensity of the film to Mashable, following filming of a scene where the Ghostbusters fight of a horde of Victorian-dressed ghosts:

I think the amount of action and the level of it in this is gonna surprise people. It’s a lot more badass. There’s a much harder edge to this one in terms of those fight scenes and how we come up against the ghosts.

IGN has a few more details on the action in the scene itself, featuring a variety of new ghostbusting weapons:

There are multiple weapon types being used throughout the scene, including Kristen Wiig using some apparent tennis skills with her proton wand to bat away some ghosts — who are then yanked backward on a wire with force — and then using her proton pack as a rocket pack, pointing the wand down, firing, and propelling herself into the air. Leslie Jones sets up a new ghostbusting device called a Chipper to take out some ghosts, and there are some sort of proton-grenades being tossed around. It almost seemed as though ghosts aren’t just caught, but straight-up destroyed.

Co-writer Katie Dippold discusses balancing the film’s rebooted world with enough kisses to Ghostbusters‘ past:

There’s something so exciting about that and fun that I didn’t want to lose that, and so then it became more about even if it’s not in the original Ghostbusters world, the big thing for me was trying to get as much of the heart and spirit of that as possible in this.


Deadpool 2

Director Tim Miller talks about Cable’s intended role in the movie:

There’s a lot about Cable’s history that I like because he’s so intertwined with the world of the X-Men. Why he was put together with Deadpool — other than that he was in a comic that wasn’t selling well and Deadpool was in a comic that wasn’t selling well so they put them together — it’s the same reason we had Colossus; he’s a straight man. And I think Deadpool needs a straight man. Cable is the ultimate, archetypal, silent, strong and cynical warrior, which Deadpool is not.

Meanwhile, scriptwriter Rhett Rheese adds what he’d like to see from the actor cast for the role:

Strength, gravitas, a purposefulness that Deadpool doesn’t have. Deadpool’s kind of got ADD, and we think of Cable as someone who locks onto something and is going to get that thing solved no matter what.


Zombieland 2

Bloody Disgusting reports that various casting calls for the movie point to filming beginning this August.


The short film about a young man encountering an escaped prototype robot has been optioned for a feature-length adaptation, with Open Road and David S. Goyer producing. [Coming Soon]

Justice League

J.K. Simmons briefly talks about joining the film in a new interview with Seth Meyers.

X-Men Apocalypse

Young Cyclops actor Tye Sheridan has confirmed he’s signed up for another two X-Men movies in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Moira McTaggert fills Xavier in on Apocalypse’s background in the first clip from the film.

Captain America: Civil War

Joe Russo briefly touches on Stan Lee’s cameo in the film:

As we work through the script, we look for a great cameo for Stan as we’re writing you know, and that’s our interaction with Stan…

…You’re always looking to keep it different with him and you want to surprise the audience because they get a kick out of it, but you also want to make it relevant in some way, so he delivers a key piece of information in the movie.

Here’s an featurette/extended Audi advert that covers the film’s chase sequence between Bucky, Black Panther and Captain America.

A huge cache of new stills has been released — head to the link to see many, many more. [Collider]

Star Wars Episode VIII

Rian Johnson has posted two new pictures from the set to announce that shooting has reached the midway point. [Tumblr]


There’s a few new snippets of footage in this international trailer.

Finding Dory

Here’s a new TV spot.

The Walking Dead

The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page reports that filming for the show’s seventh season will begin on Monday.


A new synopsis for “A Legion Of Horribles” has been released, advertising Fish Mooney’s return to the show.


Jada Pinkett Smith reprises role as Fish Mooney

Hugo Strange welcomes a familiar face to GOTHAM after he resurrects Fish Mooney in Indian Hill. Later, Bruce discovers a friend is in danger and teams up with Gordon, Alfred and Lucius, while uncovering more of Strange’s experiments in the all-new “Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles” episode of GOTHAM.

[Spoiler TV]

Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

The animated series will premiere on Disney XD June 20th — here’s a new video introducing the voice cast for the lead characters.

The Flash

And finally, here’s a new poster for the show. [Spoiler TV]

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Banner Art by Jim Cooke.

Image: Ghostbusters.