Your Favourite Pop Culture Characters Just Got A Brand New Look

Your Favourite Pop Culture Characters Just Got A Brand New Look

The essence of a character’s appearance is their profile. Head, face, shoulders — all the parts that get sculpted in a bust — should work together to be instantly recognisable. Artist Tom Whalen has now brought the majesty of the pop culture bust into two dimensions with these super cool art prints.

Whalen’s latest solo art show, Bust’d 2: Bust’d With a Vengeance opens at Gallery 1988 West in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 3. It’s comprised of dozens of new limited edition art prints, metal editions, wood sculptures and sketches. Each takes one of your favourite characters and reimagines them as busts, in Whalen’s trademark geometric style. Here are just a few of the pieces, most of which are exclusive.

Behead'd by Tom Whalen

Behead’d by Tom Whalen

Balloon'd by Tom Whalen

Balloon’d by Tom Whalen

Band'd by Tom Whalen

Band’d by Tom Whalen

Carpenter'd by Tom Whalen

Carpenter’d by Tom Whalen

Exterminat'd by Tom Whalen

Exterminat’d by Tom Whalen

Powersuit'd by Tom Whalen

Powersuit’d by Tom Whalen

Shape'd by Tom Whalen

Shape’d by Tom Whalen

Slash'd by Tom Whalen

Slash’d by Tom Whalen

Spirit'd by Tom Whalen

Spirit’d by Tom Whalen

“The original ‘Bust’d’ show was a throwback of sorts to the small, illustrated busts that I would create and show at comic conventions ten years prior,” Whalen told Gizmodo. “Response to the first show was really great, and I saw an opportunity to continue a series that I enjoy working on. These bite-sized pieces offer me some schedule flexibility because I can do them in between larger, more time-consuming projects and offer collectors affordable, varied pieces that don’t overwhelm precious wall space.”

There will be metal editions of every single piece in the show, some in editions of three, as well as a dozen wood sculptures and 25 sketches. The show will remain on display though March.

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