You Can Now Get A New Phone One Year Into Your Optus Plan

Telstra's "New Phone Feeling" plan has a competitior, with Optus announcing its new option for customers to get a new phone after 12 months. The postpaid "My Plan Plus" plan is available from today.

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There are a couple of options for getting your hands on a new phone with Optus' deal.

You can swap your current (good working order) handset for a new one on a new 24 month plan — and pay a $99 fee. Or, you can keep your current handset by paying it off in full. The same deal applies for tablets on the $30 and above 24 month "My Mobile Broadband Plus" plan.

"With so many great new phones hitting the market every year, two years can seem like a lifetime to wait for a new phone. That’s why Optus has introduced the New Phone Trade Up offer, to give customers the chance to get the latest smartphones faster than ever before, while still getting the great value and inclusions of our My Plan Plus plans," said Mr White.

Optus have also announced two news plans, for use within Australia, with no cancellation fees. The $100 My Plan Plus plan (minimum total cost $2400 over 24 months) includes 15GB of data. The $120 My Plan Plus plan (minimum total cost $2880 over 24 months), includes 20GB of data.

All of the plans now come with a "no cancellation fee" policy.

"We know a reliable network, generous data inclusions and cancellation fees have always been top of mind when customers are looking for a new plan," Ben White, Managing Director, Marketing and Product at Optus, said in a statement. "That’s why with My Plan Plus we’re giving customers the freedom to trade up their handset, as well as the flexibility to leave their plan if their circumstances change."



    Oh consumerism, how the planet hates thee.

      I assume they have a plan to refurbish and make use of the phones in one way or another rather than them going to a tip.

    So basically Optus want's in on making money on old phones.

    Is that a one time $99 fee? that isnt so bad, the depreciation on the phone itself would make it worth it.

    I had just pre-ordered the Galaxy S7 Edge 2 days back and it seems those who pre-ordered, missed this new option and there is no way to have this option for their plans.

    @divinefriend this is not true... Any one who preordered will have the option to move to the new style plans free of charge. All they need to do is contact care and they will be transferred to the new plan with no cancellation fees and new phone trade up!

      @AlexOscar I called Optus number of times and also visited the store and every time they confirmed me those whose "contract" started prior to 11th March (which includes all pre-order contracts), won't be able to switch to this plan unless hefty contract cancellation and full phone price payments are made.

    Win, win situation

    just use your home zone.. oh wait...

    That's better than Telstra who have been routinely offering calls to nowhere.

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