You Can Buy A Caterham Super Seven Made Entirely From LEGO (Soon)

You Can Buy A Caterham Super Seven Made Entirely From LEGO (Soon)

Don’t quite have the $100,000 to get a Caterham Super Seven open-wheeler delivered to your door in Australia? Well, maybe a hundred bucks is more reasonable. That’s probably what a LEGO version of the Caterham Super Seven will cost — and that LEGO version will soon be a reality after being approved for production from the company’s crowd-sourcing Ideas blog.

Image credit: Carl Greatrix / LEGO Ideas

Created by Carl Greatrix, the Super Seven — a classic British kit sports car — has been a LEGO idea since late 2014, and in May of last year received the 10,000 supporters necessary for LEGO to consider the model for creation as an official company set. Late last week, the iconic brand shared the news that Greatrix’s Caterham Super Seven would be released officially, although prices and a final design are still being confirmed.

On the model, individual parts have been recreated close to reality; the car has a tubular frame like a proper kit-built Caterham, the side exhaust is faithfully designed, and even individual throttle bodies and side-mounted air intake are visible once the Super Seven’s long bonnet is removed. This is a very cool kit, in the vein of the incredibly complex Ferrari F40 and VW Kombi. I don’t know about you, but I want one. [LEGO Ideas Blog]