World's Worst Cable Nightmare Is Out Of This World

World's Worst Cable Nightmare Is Out of This World

Image Cache: So you think you have a really bad cable nightmare behind your home theatre system or under your desk at work? Look at this photo above taken aboard the International Space Station, and think again.

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This pretty horrific cable mess was caused by ESA astronaut Tim Peake and NASA astronaut, space station commander Tim Kopra, both working on rerouting cables in order to upgrade communications. As the British spaceman tweeted jokingly:

Don't worry NASA, Tim Kopra and I have got this space station under controlā€¦ now where did this cable go?


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    Really. That's so piss poor that I'm amazed they were allowed to leave it like that. It's an accident waiting to happen.

      Money wasted...
      when building stuff, it shouldnt be upgradable. It should be designed to take more as it occurs.
      "We dont need a fifty terrabit fiber..."
      "But we might in the future..."
      "Then lets do it then..."
      "But if we do it now it wont cost us an extra billion..."

    I wonder what the cabling system is like in the Russian module

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