World's First All-Electric Double-Decker Buses Hit London's Streets

World's First All-Electric Double-Deck Buses Hit London's Streets

This London bus looks a lot like every other London bus. But beneath its bright red exterior lurks an all-electric powertrain that makes it the first ever double-decker bus to be powered by electrons alone. The new buses are designed to travel 290km on a single charge, which should mean they can cruise London's streets all day long without a top-up. When they head back to the depot at the end of the day they will be plugged in and ready to go again by morning. The buses will also run silently -- so Londoners better watch out for them when they're crossing the road.

The first five buses will operate on London's Route 98, which runs between Willesden and Russell Square, from next month. More will follow, but perhaps slowly -- because each one costs a cool £350,000 ($665,832) to build.

[Evening Standard via Gizmodo UK]

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    Actually the London Electrobus Company ran battery powered double-deckers near the beginning of the 20th century. It went bust due to financial fraud. The buses themselves appeared to be economically viable for the time.

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