Will Smith And Joel Edgerton Will Play Orc Cops In A Movie Not Titled 'Orc Cops'

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton Will Play Orc Cops in a Movie That Is Inexplicably Not Titled Orc Cops

The upcoming movie Bright has two problems: 1) its title is terribly non-descriptive, and 2) it keeps being described only as a "supernatural thriller". I feel this does tremendous disservice to a movie in which Will smith and/or Joel Edgerton are playing modern cops who are also orcs.

Seriously, "supernatural thriller" could describe any dumb ghost horror movie. But Bright is apparently about a modern world where orcs, fairies and other supernatural creatures live and work among us — much like the classic Shadowrun RPG, but set in the present, and not the near future — which is why one or both of the leads will play orcs gainfully employed in law enforcement

The film was written by Chronicle's Max Landis and will be directed by Suicide Squad's David Ayer, although a studio hasn't officially picked it up yet (The Wrap thinks it will end up at Warner Bros., which is also releasing Suicide Squad). Whoever gets it, I hope to hell they have the sense to rename the movie Orc Cops.

[The AV Club]

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    I woulda called it...


    But that's just me...

      Your sound card is working perfectly.

      It doesn't get any better than this.

    It will probably end up with the title "Once Upon a Crime"

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