Watching These Aeroplanes Try To Land In Crazy Winds Is The Scariest Thing

Watching These Aeroplanes Try to Land in Crazy Winds Is the Scariest Thing

Here's some truly frightening footage of aeroplanes landing at Birmingham Airport in the UK. "Landing" actually might not be the best term for these though because the aeroplanes look more like they're spinning sideways and tilting out of control and praying that their wheels touch the ground instead of bouncing off like a basketball. These giant flying machines look more like toys than actual aeroplanes holding hundreds of people.

Filmed by flugsnug, the landings at BHX airport are difficult because of the sudden change in wind speed and direction. Basically, don't fly to Birmingham. Or any place that has wind.


    It takes hours of practice and nerve of steel to be able to land an airplane/jet in cross winds. My 1st attempt was on a Cessna 172, I just couldn't do it, had to abort the landing and try again..

    holy shite!! never flying there ever! It takes balls of skill to abort a landing as well especially on finals! haha

    There should be cameras permanently recording so that the amazing pilots can take home a vid to show their colleagues. Imaging the bragging with all of these awesome displays of skill.

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