Watch Batman Completely Outsmart Superman In This Newest BvS Clip

Watch Batman Completely Outsmart Superman in This Newest BvS Clip

Video: In the first clip from Batman v Superman, we got to see Superman on top, delivering some pretty severe threats to the Dark Knight. In this new one, however, the tables are turned and Batman becomes... well, the world's most heavily armoured stage magician. The clip, which aired on Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscars show last night, is from round two in Batman and Superman's tussle, with Bruce suited and booted in his new heavy armour. Check it out below:

Even in his armour, it looks like Bats needs to use his brain if he wants to get the edge on Superman, as he's looking pretty beaten up. Still, you would have thought Superman would have been smart enough to use his X-Ray vision the moment that smoke grenade popped, right? Use those supersmarts, Kent!

Batman v Superman hits theatres March 24.


    Is this the right clip? I didn't see any outsmarting. I did see SM catch whatever it was that BM thought he had a chance of hitting SM with. And I saw a smokescreen.

      I have a feeling that Batman fully expected Supes to catch that projectile.

    Batman: "Here Clark. Have a brownie."
    Superman: "That's mighty friendly of you Bruce, 'specially since we're fightin' and all"
    Superman takes a bite of the brownnie.
    Superman: "That's real tasty Bruce. There's an interesting flavour though, that I can't identify. What is it?"
    Batman: "Kryptonite!! Fooled ya!!"

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      No, that thing that he caught turns into Chuck Norris. The End

        Or Goku...Because we all know Goku can beat Superman.

        Cue endless debate in 3...2...*shuts eyes and blocks ears*

    Is there any reason to watch this movie?
    So far every plot point and reveal has been shown in a trailer, if the man of stael is anything to go by the bits we aren't seeing are endless shots of people being thrown through buildings and getting straight back up to repeat.

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