Watch A Gun Safe Get Cracked Open With Just A Paper Clip

Watch a Gun Safe Get Cracked Open with Just a Paper Clip

Video: Hmm. That's not supposed to happen like that. And yet this gun safe — a GunVault GVB1000 approved by the California Department of Justice that uses a biometric fingerprint sensor to unlock itself — can be easily opened with just a paperclip. It's a method that simply involves tricking the bypass lock to open the latch. That is way too easy.


    Thanksfully that safe would never meet australian Category H standards in any state or territory.

    There are a few digital combination safes that can essentially be cracked with a tap on the side with a palm or hammer. It all has to do with how the mechanisms and releases work.

    Whilst it may seen anachronistic, a traditional combination wheel or key-locks are still probably safer than most digital consumer safes.

    "The solution is simple. Give guns to the safes so they can protect themselves."

    ~ Some clown, NRA.

      If every safe had an assault rifle, the world would be a safer place

      No, the answer that would be suggested would be to get a carry permit and keep it on you. You know, when you drop the kids off to school, or visit the bank.

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