Watch A Flying Jet Ski Take Out $5300 Worth Of Camera Drone

Watch a Flying Jet Ski Take Out $US3,000 ($4,022) Worth of Camera Drone

Video: During New Zealand's recent Festival of Freeride, filmmaker Guy Mac was in the right place, at the perfect time, to catch this PWC rider's spectacular launch off a wave that put him on a mid-air collision course with a flying dji Inspire drone. The rider survived, but the $5300 drone did not. Hopefully the footage it recorded during those last few functional moments before the crash is recoverable, though.

[Vimeo via PetaPixel]


    Can I put a request for more DJI drone smashing articles? I enjoy seeing DJI drones, getting beaten and destroyed, it satisfies my sadism towards DJI.

    Luckily my DJI is insured for aviation incidents, but given the strict safety guidelines this would never happen on my watch, but if it did I'd just go buy another one. My other drove is over $50k and yet I still make a 4:1 profit on it each year.

    Why so angry towards DJI? They make great entry level multi rotors.

      What do you do that earns you that kind of bank?

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