Virtual Reality Turns Social Media Into A Literal Facebook

If there is one thing that will push VR into mainstream use, it's social media integration. With the Gear VR and Facebook teaming up, look forward to a future of us all constantly having headsets strapped to our faces.

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Samsung says the feature will allow us "to engage with one another in the virtual reality space like never before." This is less about scrolling through your feed, and more about Facebook recently joining YouTube to support 360 videos.

"A personalised feed of 360-degree and traditional videos based on friends and followed pages is now available, creating a social media experience like no other," Samsung said in a statement.

Facebook Videos is accessible via the Occulus Video hub, and is separated into four categories: 360 Trending, 360 Featured, Shared by Friends, and Saved.

"We're very excited that through our partnership with Facebook we are able to introduce new Gear VR features that will help people share their virtual reality experiences with family and friends," said Prasad Gokhale, Vice President Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics Australia.

"We believe this will enable more people than ever to enjoy the exciting experiences Gear VR has to offer."



    I would of thought gaming will push VR into mainstream the most, maybe even porn but not Facebook. I really don't understand how you would use Facebook with VR. As far as I can work out about Facebook is it's just a page where you and your friends place pictures, add comments and write shit to each other. What benefit will it be to wear a VR headset while looking at that page ? I never liked Facebook so I'm probably missing something so could someone please explain why you would use VR in social media ?

      The possibilities are endless, imagine being able to go on a virtual tour of a restaurant via their Facebook page, or watch a concert in VR from a an event page. Not everyone is a gamer so I think its valid saying that social media can really push VR in to the mainstream. I think it would be cool to eventually be able to interact with friends as though you were all in the same room.

        Would the social media crowd jump up and get a VR to do facebook ? Some might but gamers would jump at the chance to play games on a different medium. Time will tell I suppose.

      "Would have" or "Would've" NOT "Would of".

        Thank you for correcting me grammar Nazi but it's not like you couldn't understand what I was saying.

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