Watching A Solar Eclipse From A Plane Is Wonderfully Apocalyptic

Watching a Solar Eclipse From a Plane Is Wonderfully Apocalyptic

Video: Alaska Airlines changed a flight plan Tuesday just so passengers could see the only solar eclipse of 2016. Now, video of the bonkers in-flight entertainment at 11,000m is up on YouTube. The airline switched up the flight path of Honolulu-bound flight 870 from Anchorage ahead of time at the request of the many astronomers who would be on board.

Listen to the (hopefully drunk) cheers filling the cabin. This is what a nerd party plane sounds like, and it's wonderful. My favourite part is the photographer screaming "Totality! Totality!" as the moon's shadow aligns with the sun to form that sweet corona. It also sort of looks like the world is going to end.


Top image: Mike Kentrianakis / American Astronomical Society

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