Try To Act Surprised: There Could Be A Way For Wolverine To Appear In X-Men Apocalypse

Try To Act Surprised: There Could Be A Way For Wolverine To Appear In X-Men Apocalypse

James Wan discusses Zack Snyder’s involvement in Aquaman. Preacher‘s showrunner talks exploring the wilder aspects of the comic. Paul Reubens discusses his Gotham role. Plus, new pictures from The Walking Dead‘s season finale and Alfie Allen explains Theon’s new status quo on Game of Thrones. Spoilers!

X-Men Apocalypse

Hugh Jackman’s cameo roles in the X-Men series are a tradition for the films that he’s not actively starring in — and Apocalypse doesn’t seem to be an exception. In an interview in the latest issue of Empire, Singer says that Wolverine doesn’t fit in the central story, however there is a sequence that is set in the Weapon X Facility: the location where Wolverine’s skeletal structure was coated in Adamantium. The director didn’t fully confirm Jackman’s appearance, but if he was to appear (and let’s be honest he likely is), it seems like this is the moment that leaves the most wiggle room for him to do so.

In the same interview, Singer also added that he wasn’t going anywhere when it came to directing the X-Men movie franchise:

Abandoning the franchise is not something I think about. But I could not roll into another X-Men movie tomorrow. And I hope not to. I hope to take a break.



James Wan describes the movie as having a “swashbuckling” tone:

I would love to capture the fun spirit of high-sea adventures, treasure hunts, sea monsters. That’s the spirit that I’m going for. Swashbuckling.

[LA Times]

Meanwhile, he tells Cinemablend that Zack Snyder has been involved in producing the film, to monitor its connections to the rest of the DC movies:

Well, I think the story that I would like to tell is still at the end of the day my story. And that’s what’s cool with Zack [Snyder], is that he’s actually very respectful of that. He’s actually helping me out in some ways with certain things that he’s doing with his [films] so that I can have better groundwork with the standalone Aquaman story.

Ready Player One

Producer Donald DeLine has plenty of praise for Spielberg’s involvement, and says that video game companies have been open in allowing the production to use the same characters that author Ernie Cline utilised in his reference-packed novel:

It’s classic Steven Spielberg, right in the center of the sweet spot of really his classic work, but with this whole new world now. There could be no one better to bring this to the screen…

We’ve had pretty darn good luck with getting all the various games and characters and brands to sign on. They were excited about it.


Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Zoe Saldana has posted a picture from filming aboard the Milano on her Facebook page.

Huntsman: Winter’s War

Here’s a new story featurette for the movie.

The Jungle Book

Mowgli is forced to abandon the wolf pack in a new clip.

Game of Thrones

Alfie Allen discusses Theon’s character, going into the next season:

He’s worried about [Sansa] being in danger as much as himself. He definitely has some sort of link there still in his mind, some sort of connection there, and I think obviously that part of him that is Theon feels he needs to make good on the bad things that he’s done.

I think he’s one of the most human characters on the show in the fact that he makes mistakes all the time and that’s a universal theme in anyone’s life. We all make mistakes. I personally don’t see the choices that he makes as evil, I just see them as seriously misguided.



Showrunner Sam Catlin discusses how the show will introduce more of the supernatural and spiritual elements from the comics:

I think we want to do it step by step. If we showed in the first episode DeBlanc and Fiore and Heaven and their floating space station with a hole in it… you need to ratchet these things up. I think the idea of the show is: oh, you’re OK with vampires now? OK, what about this? What about this and this and this? It’s like putting a frog in a bowl of boiling water or something like that so that by the time you look upon Satan, you’re like, ‘OK, yeah. That makes sense.



Paul Reubens tells about his untimely demise in last night’s episode, and the fallout of his poisoning:

Everyone is going berserk. My wife Grace (played by Melinda Clarke) is really frightening. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and will be reckoned with.

Agent Carter

Just as Hayley Atwell recently promised that her upcoming role on legal drama Conviction wouldn’t preclude her filming a third season of Agent Carter, Dominic Cooper says his starring role in Preacher doesn’t necessarily mean he wouldn’t return as Howard Stark:

Yeah, I hope so. Yeah, because Howard Stark kind of runs in and runs out. He does some ridiculous thing, creates some madness and then hops off on a plane with a leggy blonde.

I hear nothing. I’m waiting. I think it’s great, that show. Fingers crossed.


Tales from the Crypt

After recently ruling out the Crypt Keeper from being in his reboot of the show, M. Night Shyamalan says that there will in fact be a Crypt Keeper in the new series. Twist! [/Film]

12 Monkeys

Jennifer Goines has a few things to say about the end of the world, in a new webisode set before the events of the second season.

The Walking Dead

Finally, here’s a few new pictures from the show’s season finale — there’s some more at the link. []

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Banner Art by Jim Cooke.

Image: X-Men: Days of Future Past.