Tim Cook And Elon Musk Reportedly Holed Up With Senior Republicans To Stop Trump

Tim Cook and Elon Musk Reportedly Holed Up With Senior Republicans to Stop Trump

Most of us can do little more than grumble about Donald Trump. But according to Huffington Post, the world's tech elite have joined billionaires and senior Republicans at a secretive meeting to "stop [the] Republican front-runner". The website claims that Tim Cook, Larry Page, Sean Parker and Elon Musk all descended on a private island off the coast of Georgia just this weekend to attend the American Enterprise Institute's annual World Forum. Joined by a host of seniors Republicans, the report suggests that the main topic of conversation for the weekend was Trump -- and how to stop him.

In an email report from the gathering, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol reportedly wrote:

A specter was haunting the World Forum -- the specter of Donald Trump. There was much unhappiness about his emergence, a good deal of talk, some of it insightful and thoughtful, about why he's done so well, and many expressions of hope that he would be defeated... The key task now, to once again paraphrase Karl Marx, is less to understand Trump than to stop him

It's not clear what was discussed -- nor, for that matter, is it really possible to know for certain if the tech CEOs did actually attend -- as the meeting is highly secretive. But if the report is accurate, a lot of very powerful tech folks are thinking hard about how to stop Trump.

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    It's nice to know that all these guys think there money and "power" can circumvent the US political system. I'm not saying I'm a fan of Trump but this just goes to show the corruption in governments.

    Let the American people decide!!! Keep your money out of it, they have a right to vote as well and that should be the only power that they get to use in this matter.

      too right!! Its because of corporate interference with polotics that Trump is so popular

      That's a weird thing to say considering Trump is as popular as he is because of money and "power". It's the way the US political system has always worked, whoever throws the most money at their campaign ends up with the most air time, has their words heard by the most people, and has the most influence over people who are susceptible to media manipulation.

      If anything, it sounds like the guys in the article are fighting fire with fire, which seems perfectly reasonable to me. The system is built for this type of thing, the rules themselves have to change but until then you can't really fault people for playing by them.

        I would have to disagree. I don't think he is popular because he is rich. I think he is popular because he isn't talking like a politician.

        I do agree that history has shown that money has had too much say in the political system.

          It's not so much about his personal wealth as it is about the efficiency of his campaign spending. He gets free coverage every time an article like this appears or the news covers some crazy thing he said, and the money that is injected into campaign exposure amplifies that severalfold. Trump is, above all else, an expert media manipulator. And the more he's given coverage, the more he appears in the news and the more his words have the opportunity to soak into people's mindsets.

          The only real way to combat that, short of resorting to being a lunatic yourself for free media coverage, is to buy media coverage.

    See as much as I hate trump and think him becoming the republican nominee would be an unmitigated disaster this course of actions is disturbing.

    Democracy works on the basis that people vote for who they want to; when billionaires and existing political elite decide to take it upon themselves to collaborate in order to interfere this raises alarm bells in my head. A political leader should not require the sign off of the wealthy or the existing ruling party to move forward.

      A bunch of rich and powerful men go to a private Island fortress to plot the downfall of a presidential candidate.

      Have we learned nothing from comic books?!

        there will be a nuclear bomb launched at trump and he will emerge as a mutant trump?
        complete with the power of foresight and ... I don't know, elastic skin.
        Trump will then go on to fight for the powers of ....himself?
        able to sling over tall buildings in a single...stretch, able to see the onslaught of the democratic system falling apart with his foresight power, he...stretches into action and declares that the world will no longer use it's existing currency but that it will use trump money.
        I'm out, sorry about all of that

          Don't apologise, you have the best words.

      Is there anything to stop someone like Mit Romney, from running as an independent, against the Democratic and Republican nominees?

      Well that would be a fine argument if Trump wasn't already using his own money, power and influence to convince people to vote for him. He's not presenting as modest average joe citizen naively running for office - he is spending megabucks on this campaign.

        Actually he isn't spending all that much on his own campaign; check out the John Oliver segment on Trump on youtube and you'll see he's only donated a small fraction of the total cost of his campaign. He has however loaned the campaign a large sum from his personal holdings but to be fair; it's a loan.

        Also that is exactly how democracy works; regardless of how rich or poor you are if you choose to run for office and are able to garner enough support to convince the majority of the voting public to nominate you for office you get to run the country. How it doesn't work is collusion amongst the rich and powerful vetting whether the public can think for themselves or not. If the system works Trump should get the nomination and the public should then overwhelmingly reject him during the presidential run. Another key point people forget that drives a lot of Trump's supporters is the fact that a lot of the people throwing their support behind him are sick and tired of the existing political system; they don't trust their existing leaders and would prefer to put their bets with the devil they don't know; however misguided that might be. You don't fix this problem by having secret illuminati meetings to decide whats good for the people. This kind of collusion never ever has a positive lasting impact because the change is forced by a few individuals and the overall population will cause it to revert over time. Additionally this type of collusion is also significantly more vulnerable to abuse for self-gain; when power is overly concentrated it allows self preservation at the cost of the majority.

          You contradict yourself. If Trump is allowed to fund himself to run - "loan" or otherwise - then other wealthy people also have the right to exercise their wealth and influence. This is also democracy. Why do you think they are obligated to publicly disclose their political views or intentions to kill him off within the party? I don't have to tell people how I intend to vote.

            The difference between Trump and the others is he is actually running for office.

            The wealthy who haven't been running have always used their resources to throw money behind other nominees or campaigns; this is a disturbing deviation from that where there appears to be active collusion not with the apt purpose of supporting their nominee to win but rather to throw resources behind stopping someone from outside the system from winning.

              I really don't get your argument. Do you think there are "rules" on what is fair and what is not? It's pretty naive to think wealthy people aren't using their power and influence all the time.

              How do you think Tony Abbott or Julia Gillard were turfed? People didn't openly declare their intentions, they engaged in backroom secret dealings with numerous non-elected power brokers representing faceless party factions. Once they had the numbers, they acted.

                The argument I'm trying to make is you don't get rid of a shitty candidate by engaging in shitty tactics. The system needs to work without the intervention of noblesse oblige. I'm well aware things aren't fair or right but that doesn't mean we should just roll over and let anyone have carte blanche; a democratic system works when the public is educated and fully informed. We literally represent the entirety of checks and balances within the system and as such carry the responsibility to protest when practices like this happen.

                  But the point is that this activity - regardless of whether you believe it's above board or not - is part of democracy. People talk about pure democracy like they often talk about perfectly competitive markets in economics. Rarely do such things exist in the real world.

                  I should be clear that I don't fundamentally disagree with your general point that this is not the way things should operate in an ideal world. Having said that, the activity is not illegal (AFAIK) and certainly not unexpected.

      The problem is, this isn't a democracy, this is America.

      If you've every wondered why presidential elections are such a huge spectacle, it's because it needs to be. You need to entice people to not only vote for you, but to just turn up. If you run a boring campaign based on boring everyday political issues (like you occasionally see in Australia when the common sense breaks through the 3 word slogans), you won't have anyone turn up to vote, let alone vote for you.

      The United States isn't a democracy, it's a republic. These guys won't be using tactics any different to the ones already being used by Trump - money buys attention buys influence buys votes. It's the American way.

    The world would be a different place if people of power had attempted to stop Hitler before his rise to Fuhrer, instead they stood back and just thought he was a loud mouth loony.
    As for democracy as it was intended to be, well it has been broken for a long time. It's not being fixed, its being morphed into what the people with real power (not your drum circle folk's power) want it to be.

      I agree with the comment on democracy being that over time money and power have found ways to twist and corrupt what it was meant to do; but this was only possible while the people who it was designed to protect watched idly.

      With regards to the Hitler comment; it's hard to implement a system that depends on a few individuals banding together to stop a party from rising. It can go wrong just as frequently as it goes right; which was why democracy was meant to be a step forward. It didn't depend on the judgement of one man or a few privileged individuals; it put the weight of a safeguard on the shoulders of all. I suppose they never expected people to care more about the Kardashians or their next facebook like more than the moral fibre of the political elite.

    These rich guys are doing rich all wrong.

    With all of that money, why become President....when you could be.....BATMAN!

    All this talk of Trump, seriously he is no problem at all.
    It been done once it can be done again.

      You're aware that James Franco has been sent back to prevent JFK, right?

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