This Terrifying Skyslide Just Won Observation Decks

This Terrifying Skyslide Just Won Observation Decks

With LA's Wilshire Grand to be crowned as the new tallest building west of the Mississippi, you might expect the former tallest building west of the Mississippi to just sulk into oblivion. No way! The US Bank Tower is one-upping every observation deck on the planet with a soon-to-be-vomit-covered slide. ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING.

Renderings by Gensler, Courtesy OUE Ltd.

Curbed LA has the details on the "skyslide," a 10.97m glass slide that will allow to visitors to travel from the 70th to the 69th floor. ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING:

Called the Skyslide, the chute will be made of clear glass four inches thick, sit about 304.80m above the ground, and totally one-up other observation decks that just have that scary all-glass platform that creates the illusion of standing on air (like the one at Chicago's Willis Tower).

You know, the glass that, um, broke that one time. But it was supposed to!

This Terrifying Skyslide Just Won Observation Decks

The skyslide should be open in a few months and will require a separate ticket for access -- that's $US25 ($35) to get to the observation deck and an extra $US8 ($11) to slide down a piece of glass for three seconds, even though you'll probably close your eyes the entire ride. But I'm guessing right now that getting tickets to this thing will not be easy. Especially since they will have to spend so much time fishing out the people who faint.

[Curbed LA]



    I wish I had $46 dollars to blow on anything.

      Why would you spend $46 to blow on something or someone, shouldn't they be paying you?...

        TIL I've been doing it wrong all this time haha

    I'll push you off the top of a building for half the price...

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