This New Trailer Proves Lego Batman Is The Best Batman

If you've seen Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, you may have been lucky enough to be treated to The Lego Batman Movie trailer before the main feature started. Do you know why today is a good day? Because now we can all see it, without a trip to the cinemas. It not only features a delightful interaction with Alfred, but a look at how Batman has aged over the years. Enjoy!

Image: Warner Bros

The self awareness. It's irresistible.

I do love you Batfleck, and Kevin Conroy will always be the real Batman, but Lego Batman is just so darn funny. And I think a bit of humour is what we really need from our comic heroes right now.

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    If it's at least on par with the Lego movie, I'll be happy. I'm hoping we'll see a few Batsuit changes and I really want to see Nightwing.

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