This New Trailer Proves Lego Batman Is The Best Batman

If you've seen Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, you may have been lucky enough to be treated to The Lego Batman Movie trailer before the main feature started. Do you know why today is a good day? Because now we can all see it, without a trip to the cinemas. It not only features a delightful interaction with Alfred, but a look at how Batman has aged over the years. Enjoy!

Image: Warner Bros

The self awareness. It's irresistible.

I do love you Batfleck, and Kevin Conroy will always be the real Batman, but Lego Batman is just so darn funny. And I think a bit of humour is what we really need from our comic heroes right now.


    If it's at least on par with the Lego movie, I'll be happy. I'm hoping we'll see a few Batsuit changes and I really want to see Nightwing.

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