This Month In Dashcams: A 10-For-1 Red Light Special

Video: Put them in charge of a couple of tons of metal, plastic and petrol, and people do some stupid things. Dash Cam Owners Australia has put together another compilation of Australians being morons on our roads -- and this month, don't even bother looking at the traffic lights, because we all know you can just blast through at full speed even if they're red.


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    A lot of these drivers need to chill out. So much rage.

      I would rage too if some dickhead endangered my life or my family's.

        implying they're all life threatening situations?
        And that's fine, get upset, but man. Sometimes people aren't worth your anger.

          Don't forget, swearing is also cathartic.

            That'd be fine but there's evidence to suggest Catharsis isn't good for you, it increases rates of acting more aggressively and could be linked to increased risk of heart disease [Bushman and colleagues (1999)]

            Chill out, drive defensively with your head on a swivel, leave early, take the scenic route.

            Also Anger leads to the dark side etc

            Last edited 30/03/16 4:34 pm

    If a licence plate is legible in a recorded clip, could charges be made against the driver?
    There are far too many arseholes on the road now doing stupid shit like this because they know they will almost certainly get away with it every time.

      Police have followed up on publicly available dashcam videos before where the law has been broken. But it's at their discretion.

      yeah, I had a mate done for a burnout on a public street, even though his plates weren't visible in the shot. They used his other uploads and forum posts as evidence against him.

    That cow at the end didn't indicate! What an a$$hole!

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