This Is A $200 Swarovski Crystal iPhone Case

Otterbox is pretty well known for offering durable phone cases that give top notch protection for your phone. What Otterbox is not so well known for is style.

Then this happened. Adorned (what other word could you use to describe it?) with Swarovski crystals, this particular iPhone 6/6s case is beyond shiny. But if you think it's delicate, think again. It's custom made for some hardcore bag-of-holding action.

Look at this thing. Just look at it. It's blinding.

Tiny crystals seem like an interesting choice though. With all of the damage keys, coins, leaking makeup, pens and the like can cause in your bag you'd think the last thing you'd want to expose to all of that are expensive Swarovski embellishments.

But Otterbox insists the crystals aren't going anywhere, having put the cases through 238 hours of "rigorous testing" including a hand lotion and makeup resistance test, a sweat test and a "jeans pocket test".

Now that we've been assured the case itself won't suffer any damage, Otterbox reassures that it will also provide all of it's usual shock-absorbing, scratch resisting easy to install protection for your phone.

It feels solid in hand, but still flexible. I have a morbid curiosity to see how far I can bend it before one of the crystals becomes dislodged, but for now at least they don't seem to be going anywhere.

There's a certain element of surrealism that comes with holding a $199.95 (that's how much they cost) crystal embellished iPhone case in your hand. If you want to experience it yourself, you can choose from "mystic crystal"(as shown), "gold sand crystal" or "midnight crystal".

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