This Home-Made Fireworks Rocket Launcher Will Literally Blow Your Socks Off

Dangerous. Absurd. Utterly mental. These words perfectly describe YouTube mechanic Colin Furze and his latest piece of gadgetry — a home-made rocket launcher designed for fireworks. Sure, accuracy and distance prove a bit of a problem, but otherwise, it does what it's meant to.

The video above shows Furze firing the thing at various targets, including a tent, automobile and even his cameraman. Turns out though shooting stuff isn't the best use of the weapon, as you'll discover if you watch from the 1:10-mark.

In terms of construction, there's nothing particularly fancy about the design. It's essentially two pieces of metal tubing welded together, with a gas canister stuck on top. A toggle switch allows the flow of gas to be turned on and off. A battery in the back makes the whole thing work.

Still, if you're keen to see the build, check out the clip below.

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]

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