This Home-Made Fireworks Rocket Launcher Will Literally Blow Your Socks Off

Dangerous. Absurd. Utterly mental. These words perfectly describe YouTube mechanic Colin Furze and his latest piece of gadgetry -- a home-made rocket launcher designed for fireworks. Sure, accuracy and distance prove a bit of a problem, but otherwise, it does what it's meant to.

The video above shows Furze firing the thing at various targets, including a tent, automobile and even his cameraman. Turns out though shooting stuff isn't the best use of the weapon, as you'll discover if you watch from the 1:10-mark.

In terms of construction, there's nothing particularly fancy about the design. It's essentially two pieces of metal tubing welded together, with a gas canister stuck on top. A toggle switch allows the flow of gas to be turned on and off. A battery in the back makes the whole thing work.

Still, if you're keen to see the build, check out the clip below.

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]

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    Fairly certain it won't "literally" blow your socks off.

      Well that's the joke, in the video he uses it to pull his socks off. Sure it doesn't 'blow' them off. And that is what the title says, so ... lets call this one a tie.

      Mythbusters did it first. Can't "blow" socks off. They can be pulled off, or pushed off, not blown off.

    Thanks, Gizmodo. You've confirmed your click-bait status.

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