This Galaxy S7 Video Is Samsung's Best Ever Ad

Video: "Why doesn't my phone work after I pour this expensive champagne all over it? How am I supposed to show people how rich and carefree I am?" Good question, Lil Wayne.

This quick ad for the Samsung Galaxy S7 (shown during the Oscars yesterday in the USA) hits on every reason why it'll almost certainly be a popular purchase:

  • It's waterproof water-resistant — enough so to work in the shower, or after having Lil Wayne's aforementioned champagne poured all over it.
  • It has expandable microSD storage — enough for all 145 of Wesley Snipes' movies.
  • It supports the Gear VR virtual reality headset — and that's enough to keep William H. Macy in a job, at least in his own head.
  • And that's on top of an apparently long-lasting battery, a supposedly great low-light camera, and support for Samsung Pay. And a bunch of gratuitous American sports personality cameos. We've come a long way since this cringey Samsung spot for the 840 Evo SSD...

    This Samsung ad is actually one in a series; the others are below. You can also watch them on Samsung Mobile USA's YouTube channel.

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