This Galaxy S7 Video Is Samsung's Best Ever Ad

Video: "Why doesn't my phone work after I pour this expensive champagne all over it? How am I supposed to show people how rich and carefree I am?" Good question, Lil Wayne.

This quick ad for the Samsung Galaxy S7 (shown during the Oscars yesterday in the USA) hits on every reason why it'll almost certainly be a popular purchase:

  • It's waterproof water-resistant -- enough so to work in the shower, or after having Lil Wayne's aforementioned champagne poured all over it.
  • It has expandable microSD storage -- enough for all 145 of Wesley Snipes' movies.
  • It supports the Gear VR virtual reality headset -- and that's enough to keep William H. Macy in a job, at least in his own head.
  • And that's on top of an apparently long-lasting battery, a supposedly great low-light camera, and support for Samsung Pay. And a bunch of gratuitous American sports personality cameos. We've come a long way since this cringey Samsung spot for the 840 Evo SSD...

    This Samsung ad is actually one in a series; the others are below. You can also watch them on Samsung Mobile USA's YouTube channel.

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    Wow, this beats the hell out of all those "Oh look I'm being so inspirational, look at all the beautiful people doing amazing things while soft uplifting music plays!" ads that seem to have dominated phone marketing for the last few years.

      LoL. Yeah, we know who you are referring to.

        it seems most of the big phone manufacturers have been doing it lately.

    How fast is 'fast charging'?

      Supposedly 0-60% in 30 minutes, 0-100% in 90 minutes.

    Something fun that highlights the features of the phone. Much better than ALL of their previous ads.

    Finally Samsung are doing their own thing and it's actually pretty good.

    I don't think that dude is playing games on his phone in the shower. And if he is, he's doing it wrong.

    Bloody hell. I love my old Lumia, but these adverts make me want the Sammy. Good job.

    William H Macy is amazing. His Frank the plank in Shameless is inspired and fantastic.

    Can it be affordable ? I don't think it can 'do' that

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