This Ball Of Magic Instantly Extinguishes Any Fire

This Ball of Magic Instantly Extinguishes Any Fire

Video: The Elide fire ball must be filled with magic potion because it can get thrown into any fire and put it out immediately. Watch this demo video of it as it gets tossed around and turns flame into smoke. Sorcery!


    What a pointless story. It has no information at all and just calls it a ball of magic. Wow, for a tech site, that's pathetic. What's in the vapor, is it safe or are the fumes just as dangerous as the gases coming off the flames?. Are you that desperate for stories Gizmodo that you need to add in anything to fill out your quota of stories. Sad, just sad.

      In their defence it is a casey chan story, so one shouldn't expect more then a YouTube clickbait video.

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