This $30 300GB Hard Drive Was Designed Especially For Raspberry Pi

This $US30 ($40), 300GB Hard Drive Was Designed Espeically for Raspberry Pi

Need some pocketable storage for your pint-sized computer? Western Digital's new PiDrive is probably the answer, squeezing just over 300GB into its quarter-inch-thick frame — and it will only set you back $US30 ($40).

The new drive was, unsurprisingly, designed with the Raspberry Pi in mind. Not all external drives work with the simple little computers, so Western Digital has re-worked its existing small 500GB drive. The end product connects using USB rather than SATA and uses less power, too. (In fact the drives features a predictable 314GB, if you want the precise figure.)

The drive will be useful for anyone using a Raspberry Pi as a music server, but it will also ship with the BerryBoot bootloader, which allows the Raspberry Pi to boot into any number of operating systems from the drive.

Usually $US45 ($60), you can currently buy one at the Western Digital store for $US30 ($40).

[PR Newswire via IT World]



    All very interesting but it's not available in Australia, and the WD US store will not ship to Australia.

    Really, a bit of checking before reposting US stories wouldn't hurt.

      Most people on the internet have figured out how to deal with this by now.

    314GB, I see what you did there LOL

      The problem is after formatting you only have 271.828 GB available to the user.

    Anyone else get the impression that the drive is the size that it is, not for technical reasons, but for the sake of a pun?

    Now all you need is a box that lets you mount the drive and Pi board.
    Oh, and include a power supply.

    Preferred option: Hard drive features a RAID-style hot swap quick release mount.

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