The White House Prepares For Its SCOTUS Battle With A New Twitter Handle

The White House Prepares For Its SCOTUS Battle With A New Twitter Handle

I woke up this morning to the internet buzzing about a new White House Twitter handle: @SCOTUSnom. Was the US Supreme Court starting a food blog? But then I realised the new account was actually built as a kind of social media defence for President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, Merrick Garland. For those who haven’t been paying attention, the death of the great and terrible Antonin Scalia has put the future of the US Supreme Court in question. Since his seat must be filled, the White House will appoint a nominee, and the Senate will hold a hearing in the Senate. That nominee will either be confirmed or rejected. However, the US is in the middle of an election year, and since that usually tends to send Americans into an ideological tizzy, the GOP has called for absolutely no nomination under President Obama.

The White House announced this morning on its newly minted Twitter account, that Obama would be appointing his nominee today at 11am ET (2am AEDT). He has since announced Merrick Garland as his nominee. After that first tweet, the White House unleashed its opening salvos against politicians repeatedly yelling for a delay.

Here are a few choice fact-bombs from @SCOTUSnom in just the first two hours of its existence:

Strap in, folks. This political slugfest is about to begin.

[If you came to this article actually looking for a SCOTUS food blog, I’m sorry but here’s Ruth Bader Ginsberg made out of nachos.]

Top image: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Nacho image: Lauren Garfinkel/Edible Government