The PlayStation VR Will Be Out In Australia In October, Will Cost $549

If you own a PlayStation 4, your entry into the world of virtual reality just got a lot more accessible. The PlayStation VR will be out in Australia in October, and it'll be barely half the price of an Oculus Rift or a HTC Vive -- and that's before the necessary gaming PC.

In Australia, you'll pay $549.95 for the PlayStation VR, although the Playstation Camera -- which is required for PSVR -- isn't included. That's probably because some consoles sold already included the camera, like the 20th Anniversary Edition, but it still drives the price up a little. That camera is $90 at RRP in Australia. You'll also need a couple of Move controllers, too, driving the price up further again.

The Playstation VR headset uses a 5.7-inch, 1920x1080pixel low-latency OLED display -- that's 960x1080pixels for each eye -- with support for both 120fps and 90fps frame rates. The field of view is about 100 degrees, according to Sony, and head-tracking is done over 360 degrees thanks to a multi-LED setup on the headset and tracking done externally by the PlayStation Camera.

Preorders are open now at EB Games, and more stores will likely open up online sales soon. Here's what we thought of it when we tried it out:

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    The price looks good.

    However, does anyone know much about this?
    I'm interested as hell in it.

      Ahaha, if that thing is real, and beats Microsoft to market with the hololense with a better FOV, I'll laugh my arse off. Standard Microsoft, announce early, scale back expectations, release late.

        Meta 2, Holo Lens, Playstation VR... at the end of the day success will come down to applications.

        The smartphone (iPhone / Android) succeeded because it it released you from being tied to your desktop. Mobile apps allowed you to interact with the internet on the go in ways you couldn't through a web browser before.

        The Kinect (while they did sell some 10 million units) flopped because it lacked compelling game titles.

        3D on TV flopped because people couldn't be bother wearing those glasses and being forced to sit in a specific position in front of their TVs. Content was there but it didn't really add to the normal TV viewing experience.

        The two biggest hurdles VR will face are compelling apps with a mass market appeal and hardware that's easy to wear. Despite all that I have a feeling VR will probably remain a niche market.

    while i think it will be a an adequate VR experience (which is good by all means), personally i am willing to pay the extra cost for a Oculus or Vive because i think its worth it for a superior experience.

    Huh. Who knew that the names at the top of each article belonged to real people? Weird.

    I already ordered mine. It will cost an arm and a leg when it releases and is only available to ship if you buy it on ebay.

    I bought two PS4s just to make sure when it released, both arrived on the same day and I sold the extra one for $850.00 in under 30mins of receiving.

    Just posted an add on Gumtree.

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