The New VR Coaster At Six Flags Is The Future Of Vomiting

The New VR Coaster at Six Flags Is the Future of Vomiting

Rollercoasters make people puke. VR makes people puke. Previously, we wondered what kind of monster would try to combine these two things. But now that we have our first hands-on video of the new Occulus-augmented coaster at Six Flags and it actually looks like a lot of fun.

The ride basically involves flying around and killing aliens and has a sort of throwback arcade feel. Think Virtua Cop, but better — and with hours of waiting in line beforehand to give it that little nudge of effort justification. The graphics are about as good as the classic mid-90s video game, but that won't be your primary gripe when you return to reality two minutes later wearing the honey barbecue hot wings you just ate.

While staring at the back of a stranger's head is one of the fundamental problems that a VR headset solves for rollercoasters, this is also seems like the worst case scenario for the vomit cleanup crew.

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