The New Ghostbusters Trailer Is Here, And Everything Looks Perfect

The New Ghostbusters Trailer Is Here, and Everything Looks Perfect

After decades of waiting for a new Ghostbusters movie, here's your first footage from one. To celebrate the launch of this awesome trailer, we talked with director Paul Feig, producer Ivan Reitman and writer Katie Dippold, and they told us why this trailer reintroduces so many of the things we love.

This trailer starts by nudging your nostalgia with familiar music and visuals. Then, once we get to the new stuff... it still feels familiar. We see a library ghost, Slimer, proton packs and Ecto-1 — but everything is just slightly tweaked and modernised. Even the characters, three radically different scientists and a local resident, mirror the original film. Meanwhile, the humour feels a bit more physical than the first movie, which is in line with Feig's other movies (Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy) but it mostly works. Really, what you get here is simply, a brand new Ghostbusters.

Wednesday, speaking to an audience of super fans in Los Angeles (who stood and cheered the trailer, twice) as well as members of the press, Feig explained that the nostalgic feel of the trailer is part of the movie itself.

"I'd be bummed if I didn't see the Ecto-1 and all that stuff," he said. "So we wanted to make sure we give those nods — but make them our own, and give them their own original origin story. When you see the movie, there will be a lot of things you're happy to see, but they're coming at you at a slightly different way."

Make no mistake, despite the cameos and the recognisable people, places and music, this new Ghostbusters is a reboot, not a sequel. The film-makers wanted to start from scratch, so this world, and these characters, would have to earn their place.

"To say ghosts have existed for 30 years [would be] a different world," Dippold said. "In the original it's so fun to see the ghosts unleashed for the first time and we didn't want to skip over it."

Plus, Feig added, "I didn't like the idea of them being handed technology. I wanted to see it developed."

The fact that the characters develop the technology themselves is also one of the things that carries over from the first movie: Science is crucial to the film.

"It was really important to us to make them scientists," Feig said. "That's what I love about the first one, the idea that Ivan, Dan [Aykroyd] and Harold [Ramis] had — people fighting the paranormal with science — just really resonated with us."

So in this movie, Erin, played by Kristen Wiig, is a particle physicist. Melissa McCarthy's character, Abby, is an expert in the paranormal. Kate McKinnon plays Jillian, a nuclear engineer who creates all the technology. Finally, Leslie Jones's Patty joins the team because she knows New York, and the film needed an "everyman", just like Winston in the original.

Feig also said he cast these actresses because their on-screen personas line up perfectly with the characters. "Kristin is this kind of vulnerable comedian, Melissa is a headstrong comedian, then you've got Kate who's just the weirdo-nut, and Leslie is just a powerhouse that comes at you," he said.

As for the ghosts our heroes are fighting, Feig wanted them to look very particular and familiar, before things begin to go off the walls. "Being such a science nut, I wanted these ghosts to be what I always considered a ghost to be, which is dead people coming back." he said. So the main ghosts of the movie are humanoid, but things will definitely change.

Change has been at the heart of this new Ghostbusters from the beginning. Early on, a small but vocal group of people began complaining about the new team being all female. However, Feig said that's not addressed in the movie. "The first movie worked, because it had four of the funniest people in it," he said. "I just wanted the funniest people, and the funniest people I happen to know are these women. Ghostbusters is for everybody"

And Feig sees this as the beginning of a new era of Ghostbusters. "I have such a love for this property and what I really wanted to do was bring it to a new generation. Give a new generation their own team," he said.

"This comes from such a pure place," Feig continued. "This thing that [Reitman, Aykroyd and Ramis] created, this idea is such a great idea. It's such an amazing franchise that had two amazing movies, but it could just keep going. There's so many things you can do with it. It just seemed terrible to leave it in a box."

Well, no matter what happens next, that box is finally opened again.

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    The actors just don't seem to have engaging screen presence. Wiig is just awkward in everything she does, it's like her comic timing is always delayed compared to the people around her.. and McCarthy is her usual obnoxious self.. I just want to slap her in the face.. so maybe that scene where Jones is smacking her might have some appeal.. but overall.. meh.. :(

    I thought it was going to be about He-Man.

    I won't go to the cinema to watch this.

    they messed up big time with this reboot. I'll wait another 15 or 20 for the next go around.

    What's with all the fem-washing of characters in reboots lately?

    Up front - I'm actually a big fan of the four actresses cast, but the tone seems way off to me. The comedy was a lot... quieter and more sarcastic in the originals. Which seems quite of crazy to me because the original film had a 100 ft marshmallow man. Film may be good in it's own right, but it doesn't feel like ghost busters. Particularly the painfully unoriginal possession scene with all the yelling at the end of the trailer. I'll probably end up streaming it.

      In fact - I can go one further, everything wrong with this trailer is summed up by Melissa McCarthy wearing electric ghost punching gloves.

        Melissa McCarthy wearing electric ghost punching gloves is literally the best thing I have ever seen.

          Yeah - but it doesn't exactly scream "Ghost Busters". It's more like "Melissa McCarthy trope". I like Melissa McCarthy incidentally, I just think that she is miscast. Too loud. Same with Leslie Jones (who on top of being too loud, is painfully unfunny as well).

          Kate McKinnon was nailing it though.

    Really, another reboot with a fem-wash. Was going to boycott because of that, and now after this hat with turds of a trailer, it will be a major flop!!! Meh! gana go see something else

      Wait...when has a movie been rebooted and given an all-female lead cast before?

        Or by "fem-wash" did you mean a feminine hygiene product of some kind? Because I'm not sure they've disclosed that kind of information about the actors.

        Thor got "fem washed". not a movie but still. Which is funny because its a character that makes no sense getting "fem washed".
        Fem wash is a silly term. How come no one is pointing out the good old racism in the movie. The ghetto black woman. We will change the gender but cant get rid of the stereo types.

          Thor was also a frog at some point :P I suppose what I'm saying is I'm not really seeing this as a wide-spread occurrence, especially not substantial enough to warrant it's own term.

          Yeah, the stereotypes are pretty over-done. One day they'll get it right. Until then....

    This is going to flop so badly it will be hilarious. Let this be a lesson for you Hollywood, pandering to the SJWs will only lose you money!

    OK so it seems I'm the only bloke who thinks this looks freaking awesome. Of course, I would have loved seeing the original four do another film but you can't recreate that magic , you can only reinvent it, which they have done.


    Quit playin' everyone else. This looks good.

      Yep, everyone else is dumb. This looks fantastic!

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