The New BeoPlay A6 Is The Best-Looking Multi-Room Speaker You Can Buy

Everybody's favourite Danish high-end audio brand has a new speaker. The BeoPlay A6 from Bang & Olufsen is a small, thin and beautifully designed all-in-one stereo system, hooking up wirelessly and seamlessly with any other B&O gear in your house -- and it looks beautiful.

The new A6 joins Bang & Olufsen's iconic and utterly weird-looking gong-shaped BeoPlay A9; the two will work together via B&O's iOS app, too, so you can play the same music through different speakers simultaneously, or move it from one speaker to another as you move through the rooms in your house. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are supported on the new BeoPlay A6, and it'll work with Apple AirPlay too -- and since it's a wall-powered wall-mountable speaker, it's good to see a wired Ethernet connection too.

The speaker's convex design, too, means the four speakers arranged on its front can fire outwards at a diagonal angle and create a wide soundstage, useful considering its compact size. The BeoPlay A6 sounds pretty damn impressive for that size, too, courtesy of a backwards-firing 5.5-inch woofer -- it can hit very loud volumes and has a great amount of tight, punchy bass that even shakes the floor a bit.

As well as the blue up the top, B&O has the BeoPlay A6 available in grey, black and a dark brown, and each cover is interchangeable -- so you can update your speakers along with your decor, for a modest sum of around $250. The BeoPlay A6 is $1599 in Australia, and you can buy one as of right now from your nearest B&O store -- the only store in the country that will sell it. And like other Bang & Olufsen speakers, you can rest assured that it'll last a long time, and work with future B&O products.

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    Only this isn't new - it's been out for months ...

      It has only just come out in Australia though :)

        were you going to do a comparison between all these multi room speaker setups? maybe break it down from an affordability and quality stand point. i'd love to purchase any of the offerings out there, but not sure if the cheaper of the offerings are going to be just behind or LEAGUES behind some of the more expensive offerings.

    Pretty expensive though... I am also not sold on the "Best looking" tag either. I am guessing/hoping the pictures on here aren't doing the speaker full justice. I know it is a little counter intuitive, however, POE on these speakers would be good, I reckon.

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