The Live-Action Jungle Book's Talking Animals Kind Of Freak Me Out

The Live-Action Jungle Book's Talking Animals Kind of Freak Me Out

Video: With Idris Elba voicing Shere Khan, it would be hard to deny the character's power and charisma. However, there's a bit of an uncanny valley in these CGI-ed animals. This is the first extended look we've had of the talking creatures of Disney's live-action Jungle Book, and while they look better than we thought they would, there's still something not quite right about them. The scowl on Shere Khan's face hides a lot of it, but once the wolves start talking, it all starts looking inescapably weird.


    Somebody needs to edit this with audio from the Macklemore song Dance Off

    By far the kid gives the worst performance in that scene. And he doesn't even have any lines in it..

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