The International Ghostbusters Trailer Has Way More Chris Hemsworth

Video: We’ve only just gotten our first look at Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters movie. But there’s a ton of new footage in this international trailer, including a few more jokes — and a hell of a lot more of Chris Hemsworth’s counterpart to the original film’s Janine.

Sadly, we aren’t exactly up on our Russian, so we can’t really tell how funny the jokes on display here are — but there’s some classic Feig-style slapstick in there, with Kristen Wiig’s Erin pushing on a door instead of pulling it and Leslie Jones’ Patty diving straight into a concert crowd. Update: Here’s an English language version instead.

But seriously, there is much more of a focus here on Hemsworth’s Kevin, the team’s wannabe-Ghostbuster/office lackey. We already know from set pictures and the Lego set that at some point he’ll suit up and ride the Ecto-2 into battle, but for now he’s here to look attractive and… suggest that the team put boobs on its ghost logo?

Kevin, no. Just… no.