The F-35 Has Big Radar Problems, The Fix Is Hilarious

The F-35 Has Big Radar Problems and the Fix Is Hilarious

Now, more than $US1 trillion into its development, the F-35 aircraft is experiencing glitches with its radar systems. US Air Force major general Jeffrey Harrigian explained the problem in an IHS Jane report: "What would happen is they'd get a signal that says either a radar degrade or a radar fail -- something that would force us to restart the radar." So basically you have to reboot the radar every now and again. That seems like a pretty big problem on such an expensive plane! It could also hinder its performance against less intelligent, older aircrafts.

The radar bug (and its suggested fix) is startling, but not that unexpected. The Pentagon released a damning report last month listing the unbelievable amount of deficiencies found in the troubled fighter jet. The Pentagon report laid out dozens of problems facing the F-35 in all variants, many of which were caused by software failures.

The bugs were found "in fusion, electronic warfare, and weapons employment result in ambiguous threat displays, limited ability to respond to threats, and a requirement for off-board sources to provide accurate coordinates for precision attack". In short, the F-35 was rendered useless because of software bugs. And now the creators have yet another bug to fix.

Meanwhile, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is becoming the most expensive military blunders of all time. Flight performance remains still a major concern, and many of the computers that affect how the aircraft flies are regularly being updated. Unfortunately for anyone that wants to see this jet takeoff for combat, the plane has yet to be tested for resistance to hacking. So the problematic program is hardly out of the woods now.

[IHS Jane]

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    have they tried duct tape?

      Isn't that just hundred mile an hour tape?
      Has someone invented twelve hundred mile an hour tape?

    Just increase the timeout, that one works... For a while...

    Let me just connect with Remote Desktop for a second and lets see if I can find the problem...

      let me put you on a quick hold while I sort out this problem....

      Hello, I am calling from Windows. We have detected a large number of viruses in your F-35.

      Last edited 09/03/16 4:32 pm

      i see the problem, you are still using dos. please install windows 8 and start from scratch

        but i dont have a touch screen, can you upgrade me to Windows 10 instead?

    I wonder if these bugs are putting question marks on the ability of the company developing this. I understand that when creating new things bugs will occur, but 7 years worth of bugs.

    I would be asking for my money back.

      Thats why we are denied the right to represent ourselves in stop us from doing so.

      It's definitely dinged Lockheed's credibility and I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the big reasons why Northrop got the latest contract for the new strategic bomber to replace the B1-B & B-52.

      The F-35 onboard system is highly complex, so having that many bugs is expected. However, I do agree with you, those bugs should've been crashed long time ago, but more importantly, what's really happening with the company itself?

    I'll work on the code. Just drop it by in machine code along with a programming manual and blank notebooks and pens and device map.

    This is all hilariously funny until we ask our Gov't.. "hey guys, how much have we put into this boondoggle?" Then it's all tears and.. "why?.. WHY?"

    Last edited 09/03/16 5:17 pm

    Where's SomeOtherIdiot with his Avionics/Aeronautical Wikipedia expertise? Surely he can advise Lockheed on a suitable fix?

    .....also, just look at it. LOOK AT IT! That's one fugly looking aircraft.

    Q: What is the best way to use your F35s defeat the enemy?
    A: Give them a squadron.

    $1 Trillion??? So instead of fixing their economy, helping homeless and disadvantaged Americans, putting money towards research etc, they decide to attempt to build an aircraft which is slightly more advanced than their current variants. Wow!

      The Americans are good at spending money, but not so good at fixing the economical problems...

        Perhaps frivolously spending so much money is why they have economic problems in the first place.

    Hello my name is sanjay, i am from Lockheed Martin we think there is a problem with your computer system. if you deposit $200 in the following account we will be able to fix it!
    oh no $200million!.

    Just scrap the whole darned thing and buy the Chinese rip off. It's probably better anyway. Save millions if not billions.

      Lol, don't expect the Chinese rip off to last longer though.... It may cost a lot less, but there's no guarantees that it will last... Nothing that comes from China has quality in it....

        Yeah, nothing at all...except iPhones, Androids, basically each and every consumer device you're using, including keyboards, mice, monitors, etc. So, yeah, nothing with quality comes from China ;-)

    Aesthetically, it's a strange aircraft. From the top/front it looks fierce and modern, but from the bottom it looks has the fat rolls from a beluga.

    Too big to fail now. By a mile.
    I hope the US taxpayer isn't getting diddled and that all the contracts are fixed-price. Or are Lockheed et al just going to keep requesting (and getting) money for their own failures? Nice gig if you can get it.

      Not only do they keep requesting and getting money for their failures, Lockheed's profit increases as the program cost increases! Have a look into cost-plus contracts, which were used for at least the first 5 batches of F-35s:

    Just open source the software FFS. Its pretty useless anyway!

    If it was a car you'd most definitely call it a lemon and get your money back.
    A lemon with wings, not the most aerodynamic thing ?

    Did Lockheed outsource the development to some body shop overseas? Or have American developers become THAT bad??

    The USA should have just shut up and sold all these to the enemy!

    Maybe Lockheed could out source the software development?

    They could get apple to do it; the "I-Jet." That way, the pilots could at least play Angry Birds while they wait for the radar to reboot. Heck, they could use Angry Birds as the basis of the fighters targeting system. That's one bug fixed right there!

    Yeah, bullshit. Lots of operational weapons systems go through stuff exactly like this all the time. This article smacks of serious ignorance.
    The "fix" on some major radar defence systems used to be to pull the boards and then plug them back in for the system to reboot. People were trained to do that during an attack.
    I had a friend driving an Abrams during the occupation of Iraq- standard equipment for them was a little hammer hanging from the gun breech to whack the targeting computer with and get it to stop futzing.
    Military weapons are full of solutions like this.

    That's why I switched to a Mac, haven't had any issues since yesterday...

    The yanks aren't funding it alone. Dumb ass countries like mine chipped in. Well Played Australian Government. Well Played

    I'm always happy to read the articles about how the product that Australia has ordered about 20 of and cost us crazy money is such a great investment. I don't know why Canada cancelled there orders. Oh well all the more for us. We are just lucky we bought these instead of investing in health, education or a FTTH NBN.

      The Canadians are a lot smarter, they canceled because they saw no benefit, in spending so much money on an aircraft that has only problems.

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