The Best Smart TVs For Watching Netflix, According To Netflix

The Best Smart TVs for Watching Netflix, According to Netflix

Netflix has partnered with TV manufacturers to recommend smart TVs based on their movie streaming performance and other features. If you're in the market this year for a Netflix-friendly television, check out Netflix's recommended TVs.

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To earn the Netflix Recommended TV title, the smart TV has to meet at least 5 out of the following 7 criteria:

  • TV instant on
  • TV resume
  • Latest Netflix version
  • Fast Netflix app launching
  • Fast video resuming
  • A dedicated Netflix button on the remote
  • Easy onscreen Netflix icon access

Only two TV brands qualified in Netflix's 2016 evaluation: LG and Sony. These are the specific models:

  • LG: 2016 4K UHD TVs with webOS 3.0 UH6300 series | UH6500 series | UH7500 series | UH8500 series | UH9500 series | G6 series
  • Sony: 2016 Android 4K UHD TVs S85D series | X85D series | X93D series | X94D series | XD93 series | XD94 series | SD85 series | XD85 series

Of course, you probably want to consider many other things when you pick out a television besides how easy it is to get to Netflix. But if you spend a lot of time watching Netflix (as many of us did this weekend), it's one consideration.

You can see last year's recommended TVs here.

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    There is no best 'smart' TV for watching Netflix. All devices with embedded apps sooner or later fall for the app failing after an api update by the content provider (youtube, netflix, whatever) and no update to firmware from the device manufacturer. Buy a windows PC or android/linux based device where you simply update the app yourself in the future.

    I like my new Sony 4k android tv, but it's not really an objective recommendation when the remote has a dedicated netflix button. Clearly there has been a deal between Sony and Netflix to make this happen.

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