The Apple iPhone SE Is On Sale In Australia Today

Apple's iPhone SE is offering a compact, powerful, somewhat budget-concious smartphone for iOS fans -- and you can pick one up in store today.

Image: Apple

This isn't your standard iPhone launch. The hype intensity is contained, the focus is on practicality and there were no round-the-block queues at Apple's flagship Sydney store this morning.

That is understandable, since it's fair to say the iPhone SE isn't really a "new" iPhone. It's a combination of popular existing features, wrapped up in a smaller-than-standard package, especially designed to fill a niche.

We compared the iPhone SE to the Samsung Galaxy S7, just so you can see how different this smartphone actually is on today's market.

If want a phone that will fit comfortably in your pocket, are a fan of the Apple ecosystem and don't want to pay $1000+ for a new device, you're the target audience here.

To buy outright the 16 GB 4-inch SE will set you back $679, with the 64GB version priced at $829. All of Australia's major telcos have plans available, with Virgin Mobile's plan starting at only $46 per month.



    I'm actually reasonably excited about this iPhone - it's small, it's powerful, and it doesn't cost $1400. What's not to like? It's comparable in price and size to an Xperia Z5C, but exceeds it in technical specifications - something that can't often be said of an iPhone!

    Anyone who pays $1,400 for a phone is a merchant banker.

    Apple might have done something sensible here.
    $679 for a new phone? That's affordable!

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